Monday, 6 December 2010

Derroll Adams

In the quest to discover more banjo music, have come across Derroll Adams. Probably to aficionados of US folk music he's an obvious but to the relative layman (such as I am) he's a find.

It seems he is one of those characters that's remembered more for his influence than his actually recorded output. He hung out and recorded with Ramblin' Jack Elliott and, although to a lesser extent, like Ramblin' Jack and Woody Guthrie is credited as an influence on the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 60s and Bob Dylan.

He lived the last years of his life in Belgium where he seems to have been well regarded, judging by youtube searches of him throwing up lots of clips from Belgian TV.

Anyway, I like the banjo playing; rich and organic. And his voice; understated and sincere.